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What is the Facebook Ads Manager?

In recent years, the use of Facebook Ads by small and medium businesses has increased. Facebook’s platform is ideal for those who want to advertise their products and make effective promotional campaigns. But, why use Facebook Ads?

Reasons to use Facebook Ads

For those who want to make their brand known and reach more people, Facebook Ads is an extremely valuable, easy-to-use and low-cost tool – perfect for promoting yourself and your business. Here are some reasons why we recommend familiarizing yourself with its use:


This is a super complete way of knowing who we are addressing and how to focus our advertising campaign to achieve as many relevant customers as possible. Segmentation can be by age, gender, tastes, interests, countries, etc. of the target audience.

The possibility of doing such a “microscopic” target is something that Facebook Ads has as an advantage over other advertising platforms.

Low budget

Facebook Ads are an investment that does not require a high budget. First, it has to be clear for us if what we want is to know if our business idea is valid in a competitive market or not, or if we use Facebook Ads to increase sales and reduce costs. As much as if it is for the first as if it is for the second, advertising in a conscious and analytical way is much more important than the budget we dedicate to the ads. This will help us reduce and optimize investment costs in advertising campaigns considerably since we will only be spending the minimum necessary.

Ads or posts can become viral

Facebook is probably the first social network to become global. With almost two billion users, content or an ad can be made “viral” in a short time and immediately. It is not easy, but with creativity, luck and a little timing, it is not impossible. It is a dream of any company or Marketing specialist that can come true thanks to the Facebook ecosystem.

It’s practically like a domino effect – the ad reaches your target audience and it shares the content with their friends … and so on. You may have reached a very important volume of people in a short time.


Facebook Ads are not like a traditional advertising campaign. One of the strengths of this platform is that you can communicate with your real and objective audience. This gives you a great advantage to know what they expect from your products’ potential customers who can be encouraged to buy you in the future.


The Facebook Ads page is flexible and ‘user-friendly’. Almost anyone can use it and make themselves known in the market. You can include photos, videos, and texts and you can share everything on another social network as amazing as Instagram.

Increase sales

At this point, it is more than proven that, with effective ads, you can increase the sales of a company. There are companies generating hundreds of euros in profit thanks to Facebook Ads, and there are millions of them. Of course, we must have a competitive product, know how to direct our advertising campaign, think about the consumer and make potential customers interested in our brand.

Analyze results

Thanks to Facebook Ads, we can obtain reports with super-specific and complete statistics of our advertising campaigns, information based on which we can support when it comes to finding out what we need to improve. You can measure and quantify every action we take. It is a paradise for lovers of analytics. For people who don’t like analyzing numbers so much – don’t worry, it’s all arranged in a very intuitive and easy to understand way.

What is the Facebook Ads Manager?

 Knowing what Facebook Ads can do for our brand, we can talk about what Facebook Ads Manager is. This is the same platform, in which you are the advertiser itself and who manages and publishes the ads that are within the advertising campaign.

If you already have a Facebook account for the brand, you must set up a Facebook Ads Manager account. This is done by logging in and selecting the “Create Ads” option in the menu in the upper right corner.

After creating this account, several options will open so you can start creating your advertising campaign. You can start at once, or learn more about how to make efficient and effective ads.

What options does the Facebook Ads Manager offer in its menu?

As an administrator or manager of the brand you are trying to promote, you should explore the options it offers a little. These are some of them:


This will help you to have the information about your audience and to better organize your ideas and your ads. This part of the menu contains two tools that will help you better understand who you are going to Audience Insights and Creative Hub.

The first gives demographic data, interests, likes, likes to other pages, etc., of your audience. The second is an incredible source of inspiration for your ads where you can see the best practices of large companies.

Create and manage

 From here you can create your ads and manage them. As it sounds, it serves to create and organize an advertising campaign to achieve all the proposed objectives.

Measure and inform

 Perhaps the best Facebook Ads Manager tool: you can measure the performance of your ads with incredible detail and accuracy by consulting this section. You can track and analyze results to improve them in the future, or simply study them to find out what works and what doesn’t.


This section is a way to keep all the information collected from each of the ads you create. In the same way, you can create different types of audiences (personalized audience, a similar audience or a saved audience) depending on the type of campaign or products you want to advertise.

Also, in this section, you can have offline events (for example, that someone has bought from your physical store). This helps to monitor each activity related to your company that can progress over time.


This section saves all the information you have created about your brand. You can update any information regarding the company, such as addresses, email, contact number, payment information, etc.

If you have a company, Facebook Ads is for you

Facebook Ads is a great tool that no business can afford to miss, with many advantages over other social networks and platforms.

It is important to always be at the forefront of communications and marketing if we want our company or brand to leave an impact on people, and Facebook is now the top reference for this vanguard.