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WhatsApp and WhatsApp web has long been one of the most popular instant messaging applications by giving you the ability to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, family and other people in a completely free (as long as you have internet) way compared to the almost extinguished SMS. It also allows you to create a group invitation link to add people to send a WhatsApp.

How can I create the link from my WhatsApp?

One of the main features of this link is the ability to create groups in WhatsApp where you can add other people.

This is the ideal solution when you want to communicate with your former classmates, colleagues, plan trips or organize group discussions, as well as send messages of a more private nature without worries. In short, you communicate with everyone at once instead of having to send a message individually.

 There are different ways to add people to a particular WhatsApp group: you can directly add numbers, but the most convenient and easy way is to use a group invitation link.

To do this you must enter your application of my WhatsApp and create a public WhatsApp group. Then you have to click on the three points in the upper right of the chat to configure WhatsApp.

You can also enter the group information to open the options it offers and thus display the description. Upon entering the description or information of the Group, we can view the list of existing participants.

Under all this we will find 2 options: Add participants and Invite by link, being able to add the first one from the contact book of your mobile.

When selecting the option of Invite by WhatsApp link, the application will automatically generate a direct link to be included in the created group. This link can be shared directly with your WhatsApp contacts through text messages to contacts in your calendar. It will look as follows:


Can this link be shared on other messaging services or social networks?

Once we have generated the group invitation link from the WhatsApp application, it can be shared in any of the applications you have on your smartphone.

In the same way, at the moment you select the link generator for WhatsApp for the group invitation, the WhatsApp application will show you the applications in which you can share this information such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Messenger and many more.

Can the link be revoked once it was created by WhatsApp?

Once the WhatsApp application creates the group invitation link, it shows us several options. The last one is the option to Revoke the link created, which allows us to automatically leave the link that was generated by the instant messaging application automatically out of operation.

Although the link has been shared on several platforms or applications, it will no longer allow any user to have access to the created group or information about the WhatsApp.

 Why is the revocation of the WhatsApp chat group done? Many users create these groups with a particular purpose and once this is accomplished the chat ceases to be right.

There are many users who publicly share their group’s link in order to offer daily tricks, tips or topics regarding health, finances, religion, etc. However, by making it public, they can generate more invitations than necessary or expected.

Once the administrator is at this point, he has no choice but to revoke access to the group’s function so that it is more convenient to maintain control of the members or participants of the WhatsApp chat group.

Can you create a link directly from a QR code in WhatsApp?

Currently, most users constantly use their smartphone’s camera as a way to explore the world around them. Taking into account this new fashion, WhatsApp included in its most recent updates the QR code scanning option to join a group.

This QR code is similar to the one we use when entering the WhatsApp website, either to download the application directly from the page or to use the QR code for the operation of WhatsApp Web, which It is the PC mode that has the platform.

In the same way, you have to click on the menu option on the application screen, selecting the Print QR code group tab. Once this step has been completed, you will be shown a distorted black and white image that other people can use as a direct link to join the WhatsApp chat group.

The option to print the code group can be connected to digital printers using Bluetooth or WiFi functionality. You can also take a screenshot to share your QR code on the different social and messaging platforms.

When the link is created can members be restricted in the WhatsApp chat group?

Once you have created a WhatsApp group and also created an invitation link to add members, you might not be interested in sending messages to the WhatsApp chat.

The sending of messages by some of the chat participants can hinder or hinder the purpose for which the group was created. This way you can prevent group members from sending messages in WhatsApp group chat.

The way that the application has to restrict the messaging of the participants is: opening WhatsApp, entering WhatsApp Settings followed by the Send messages option and selecting Only administrators.

Once you have restricted the messaging of your WhatsApp chat, members or participants can no longer send WhatsApp messages to the group. In the same way, if they open the detailed information or description of the group, they may notice that the people identified as administrators are the only ones who can send messages in the chat.