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Today, the best known and used advertising tool on the Internet is the Google AdWords program, but Facebook Ads is closing distance. AdWords is based on the searches carried out by people and shows them specific links instead of others according to different criteria and auctions.

Google’s search engine is very different from the social network Facebook in its use. The first is used to search when a need appears, while the second is used to view news of loved ones and to follow them. In summary, using Facebook is more a hobby while Google is more functional.

Facebook has more than 1,400 million people who connect to what interests them, more than 900 million of whom connect to it every day.

What is the purpose of Facebook Ads?

Facebook offers its own tool to broadcast advertising campaigns on its own network. We can say that Facebook Ads has its own users as its base.

The users of the network are segmented by their centers of interest, likes, debates, friends or groups. In addition, most users spend a lot of time on Facebook. They visit it every day using mobiles, tablets or computers.

The main advantage of Facebook ads is its great reach thanks to the size of the social network.

Facebook ads, unlike Google Adwords, are aimed directly at users according to whether they are women, men, depending on the city where they live, marital status, etc.

It allows you to accurately target segments of people and broadcast ads to perform actions called conversions.

How do Facebook Ads work? How can I determine the correct objective for my advertising?

The Facebook Ads Manager will allow you to create targeted ads to reach different audiences and, therefore, improve your digital goals with so-called conversions.

These conversions can be varied: downloading an application, viewing a video, visiting a site, making a purchase, subscribing to a list and many others.

When creating an advertising campaign on Facebook, the creation of audiences in specific segments can be carried out according to many criteria, such as the place of residence or passage, age, interests, the page visited a few days ago and many other criteria.

Mastering Facebook ads, tools and techniques helps spread the right messages at the right time and to the right people. Facebook ads are more relevant to people who see them, and they provide real results, reducing acquisition costs and increasing conversions.

How can I advertise via mobile devices?

Mobile devices are an integral part of the lives of many people. More than 700 million people view Facebook every day on their phone or tablet.

Facebook Mobile ads are inserted in your news channels, on Instagram, in Audience Networks or anywhere else along with your family members’ posts and interests.

These Facebook ads enjoy many benefits when appearing on users’ mobile phones compared to ads targeted to desktop computers.

Mobile devices are now an integral part of the process of discovering new products and services. Of all the projects we support, more than 75% of them are for mobile.

With Facebook, for example, it is possible to get directions to your store, download an application, view your videos, add an item to a shopping cart or perform another action on your website.

Creating a clear, precise and coherent customer journey is the first step of a good advertising campaign.

Does the Facebook Ad Manager give me a real-time analysis?

With the analysis tools of Facebook Ads, it is possible to measure and improve in real time the impact of the ads. This allows you to make the best decisions to better reach customers and increase sales.

In the Ad Manager, you have at your disposal a dashboard that indicates all the information you need to see how is your ad campaign doing: amount spent, the amount of interactions made with your ads, the tools to modify current ads with the intention of improving them, and so on.

The analysis options of the Facebook ad manager are precise and advanced and allow you to obtain real marketing data.

You will get the answer to questions like: What message works for what purpose? How to improve your positioning? Which geographic area is the most efficient? In addition, it is possible to link your website to your advertising account, which further increases the possibilities of measurement and analysis.

Here are the possibilities that Facebook offers. This advertising tool is now one of the most powerful and economical that exists. The secret? Using the largest and most popular social network in the world.

Why use the Facebook Ad Manager?

With all of the above, we are pretty sure that you are convinced about all the benefits that Facebook Ads offers to achieve your different marketing goals.

Before finishing, we must remark its difference with Adwords advertising because, contrary to what many people think, the operating principle is not the same.

In fact, the principle of advertising of Adwords is to show your ads in queries that you have previously selected and that are written by Internet users in a search engine.

Instead, Facebook advertising is distributed on the basis of interests or sociodemographic criteria previously selected by you in the Audience Setup.

Your Facebook posts can appear in the right column, in the news of the desktop or mobile version, on Instagram, on the Audience Network and, recently, on Facebook Messenger