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Facebook was a big deal since it was created and from there it has only grown, and Facebook Ads is a result of that growth.

Staying connected for free and in a convenient way is essential for most people, and that is why Facebook decided to bet on ads and advertising campaigns to keep the company viable and profitable without having to charge users for the use of their platform.

What are FB Ads?

They are, basically, ads on Facebook and Instagram. These are configured in the Ad Manager, which is a digital tool that allows creating and running advertising campaigns on FB and IG. Today, more and more brands and companies do this type of advertising, as it is a very effective and efficient way to reach as many people around the world as possible.

If what you want is to improve your market positioning, this is a great option because, based on objectives set beforehand, it allows you to measure and control the results in an extremely precise way.

It is ideal not only for large companies but especially for medium and small size companies that do not have as much budget. We can target the specific audience that interests us in order to promote our product or service. Like other social networks, through Facebook Ads, you can make ads popular, so they reach the biggest audience possible. If the ad is fun, impacting or both and it begins to be shared by hundreds and thousands of people, we are talking about a very important saving since reaching the audience always requires an investment.

What are Facebook Ads for?

In a few words? Advertising o Facebook, Instagram and even in some very popular apps like Tinder via Its Audience Network. Here are some reasons on why you should use FB ads too:

It reaches (almost) everywhere

 Facebook has almost two billion users around the world, so connecting your ad with thousands of people is not difficult at all. Almost everyone uses Facebook or Instagram, so why not try?

It works for (almost) every business

Anyone who has a business, company or brand can advertise through Facebook Ads. It has all the necessary options and tools to help you highlight and direct your ads to the right audience. You can find everything you need in the Facebook Ad Manager. While it is true that at first glance a look at the Ad Dashboard scares many people with so much information and unknown options, the clue is a bit of persistence for a couple of weeks until you have become familiar with everything.

Easy to use and setup

Whether you have created a Facebook page or have the advertiser role for a page that already exists, creating ads is very simple and anyone can do it. You just have to spend a little time to explore its operation.

Very goals and results oriented

When using Facebook Ads, you must keep in mind a series of objectives that will help you make your ads as powerful as possible. Define the objectives for your ad campaigns before you start because everything you do after that will be based on it.

If you want clearly measurable results, then opting for advanced advertising options is the right solution for you. From there, you will be able to manage your the ads you create, and obtain relevant performance information of your advertising such as the number of people who have seen your ads, who have clicked on the ad, who have visited your website or some specific page of the web, that they have visualized some concrete product, that they have added the cart, that they have introduced the data of their card, that they have made the purchase, etc. You can have it all absolutely monitored.

Thanks to this you will be able to obtain more information from potential clients who may be interested in your brand.

With a small budget

If your business is small or medium size, you should be realistic and not invest too much money at the beginning. The lower your advertising budget, the more you have to use your other vital resource, time, to come up with better ideas and analyze even more the results obtained by your advertising campaigns. In the beginning, invest the minimum necessary to check the viability of your ads and, above all, to learn. If you have many ideas for advertisements and audiences that you want to try out, but the budget does not go so far, it is very important to prioritize correctly.

Not only on Facebook

 These types of campaigns can be published not only on Facebook but also on Instagram and even apps like Tinder thanks to the Audience Network. Everything is managed from one place: the administrative panel that is accessed through Facebook. Where you advertise more, if on Facebook or Instagram, depends on where most of your audience is. While there are companies that focus, for example, only on Instagram, most companies try to be present on both platforms because that’s what generally works.

Statistics and others

 Through Facebook Ads, you can get statistics, results, information and tools that will improve the performance of your ads. This will help you to be more efficient and effective with your advertising campaigns. It is very important not to be afraid of numbers and expecting to understand everything in one glance – that is almost impossible and creates a lot of stress for people who are not used to analyzing data. The solution? Take it easy and spend the necessary time getting familiar with each one of the options. Most of the times it is we who put ourselves into more hurry and pressure than necessary. Make Facebook Ads stress free is a choice, our choice.

How to make an ad on FB Ads?

If you want to have a proper advertising campaign, the best thing you can do is to just go and create an advertising account in the Facebook Business Manager. This will allow you to manage the ads in a way that was unimaginable until just a few years ago.

Things to consider when creating ads on Facebook:

Campaign Objective

 To advertise, you must create a campaign that makes you stand out in order to achieve the goals that your company wants to obtain. For this, the objectives of your campaign should be one of the most used within Facebook Ads: reach, web traffic, conversion, engagement or branding. After naming the campaign, we can continue to the next step.

Campaign = Ad set

 Defining the type of audience to which our campaign on Facebook Ads will be directed is essential. For this, several things must be taken into account:

  • Segment the target audience (or potential customers-buyers) through the analysis you make of the market and your product or service.
  • The placement of your ads is important since you want them to be where it reaches the most of your audience and has the greatest positive impact.
  • Define a specific budget to show the ads: you can have a defined total sum or set a daily fixed expenditure cap. It will depend on you and the money you have.
  • Optimize the advertisements through the engagement that the publication has, the reach that the advertisement obtains daily and the impressions that it generates to the possible public.

You can start creating new ads from time to time or continue promoting posts you already have on both Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, you must create the appropriate text with which you will upload the ad with a video, presentation or photo. Try to do it with as much creativity as possible, but without losing the essence of what you want to communicate.

Create an ad in Facebook Ads easily and effectively

An ad on Facebook Ads must have at least one image, one text, the title, and a description. Everything we publish should be interesting enough to capture the attention of the audience that has run into our ad to find out what it is.

All the elements of our advertisement, from the copy to the video or image that you place, must capture the attention of Facebook or Instagram users to encourage them to click on the publication to know more about our product, service and brand.

Whether photo or video ad, everything can help our audience to inform them about the product or service we offer. The description in the publications of our ads gives us more space to communicate whatever we want to.