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The truth is that Instagram burst into our lives with force as a social network that allows us to share photos and videos with millions of users throughout the world. In addition, thanks to the last Instagram updates, you can make live broadcasts, publish small videos with filters and very bright colors.

In the same way, you can select users and include them in the best friends section and get to know the news and reactions of millions of artists from all over the world. You just have to enable notifications for the application to notify you when your contacts have new posts, videos or live streams.

What is the news of the new Instagram update?

If you already have the application on your Smartphone, all you need to do is update Instagram for free to the latest version of the operating system you are using to view this application daily with all its new features.

If you are also a regular on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, you’re in luck because all versions of Instagram allow you to share your messages, videos, and photos on them.

Initially, the new Instagram application was created for iPhone and iPad at the end of the year 2010, but in 2012 the mobile version was launched where you could also install Instagram on Android and in 2013 for Windows Phone, so it came massively for all Mobile devices worldwide.

In the new version of Instagram, we can see that there are many applications associated with the social network that you can download at any time to apply additional filters in your photos, incorporate new effects in the videos or simply interact with other Instagram users to get more likes.

How can you update Instagram to the latest version for Android?

When the user who wants to update Instagram has a device with the Android operating system, the virtual store to use is Google Play Store. To update Instagram, just go to Google Play Store and access the three horizontal scripts that are superimposed in the upper left corner of the screen.

Later, you must select the option identified as My Applications – in this way, you can view each of the applications installed from the store on your smartphone.

After the previous step, you must search in alphabetical order the list of applications installed on the device; In this case, it’s about updating Instagram.

That is why when you see the name of the application, you must click on it so that you can enter the description of the application in the store.

There you can see two characteristic options: at the top, on the right side, you will usually find the uninstall tab to completely remove the platform from the device, while on the left side you will find the Open option. If you have the latest Instagram update for Android, you will be redirected directly to the application.

However, when Instagram does not update automatically, the Update option will appear in the box. Clicking on this icon will start the Instagram update and you can enjoy the news once the process is complete.

Can you update Instagram on iPhone?

The answer to this question is a clear yes because it is the precursor operating system in which the app was launched from the beginning. Users who use smartphones with an iOS system must enter their respective names and enter the App Store.

After that, they should click on the Updates category that is located at the bottom right of the screen. Once the list of applications is displayed, they should look for the one they want to update – in this case, it is Instagram.

If you cannot find it in the list of applications, it means that the device already has the latest version of Instagram installed. If you can find the application, you must click on the update option to the right of the platform name.

The update will be done automatically and immediately. If the user uses the application during the update, an indicator will appear in the Start icon on the bottom bar.

Update Instagram on Windows Phone.

If what you want is to update Instagram from a mobile device or smartphone that has the Windows system, you will have to access the Microsoft Store application and enter the name of the application, Instagram, in the search bar.

When you find a new version of the application available, the Update option will appear right next to the name. You must click to start enjoying the news.

After updating the application, in most cases, it is necessary to restart the mobile device. So, in this way, the operating system can execute the necessary changes without any complications.

What are the novelties offered by the new version of Instagram?

Normally, before sharing an image on the social network, the user can apply different filters, frames and edit the image and this is one of the aspects that makes Instagram so successful. For example, the last update proposed serves to be able to put music to the Stories published by the user.

With this option, Instagram announces new changes to improve your Feed, in addition to a button that notifies new posts. To update it manually, an algorithm change was made to ensure that new publications appear first in the Feed.

The application previously announced a partnership with the specialized platform GIPHY, which allows you to add animated stickers to your stories. The GIFs are in the same place as the stickers, as well as the location, hashtag, time, temperature, Instagram survey.

These can be added right after making your photo or video to upload to your Stories.

Instagram version 24 for Android and iOS includes two new features, among which it is important that your followers can see your photo or video several times through Instagram Direct.

Also, by touching the camera icon, when you see a Stories you can respond with a photo inserted in the photo view, thus making fun photo montages.