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Millions of people use social networks. The use of these social platforms has reached every corner of the world, so by now, there are many users who have become accustomed to communicating through them.

Among the social networks with the largest number of users, we can see that the top of the list is Facebook. However, a younger network with more than 600 million users is on closing distance: Instagram.

With so many users, it’s inevitable that there are many people who have wondered at some point: How do I know who stopped following me on Instagram?

What is “to follow” and “unfollow” on Instagram?

Instagram is the social network of the moment and what leads users to publish their activities daily. The main objective of the Instagram platform is to facilitate people to connect. For this purpose, mechanisms such as direct messages have been established to maintain contact between followers on Instagram.

However, there was a tendency for users to want to increase their number of followers even though the use of the platform was not designed for this purpose in mind at the beginning. Higher the number of subscribers and users was supposed to improve the communication between them.

Although the reach is certainly greater, the communication as such decreased, which gave way to the emergence of strategies and tactics to increase the number of followers in Insta.

Among the different methods, the popular “follow me and I follow you” stands out, but there are many people who, after being followed, use the dreaded Unfollow.

Why know who stopped following me on Instagram?

Previously we identified one of the most popular methods to gain followers such as the one known as follow me and I follow you and we commented that some users break the agreement on which this method is based and decide to stop following the user who followed them in the beginning by unfollowing.

This follows and unfollows on Instagram immediately after receiving the follow-up is just one of the many reasons why we want to know who our ‘unfollowers’ on Instagram are. Another reason would be the curiosity to know the fact or the reason why they unfollowed you.

For companies it can also be very useful to know who stopped following us on Instagram. In this way, the user or community manager can measure the quality of their content to adjust it effectively.

In the same way, you can evaluate if your advertising mechanisms are suitable for the audience to which it is aimed. Thanks to this, you can take the appropriate measures to optimize the required area by avoiding unfollows on Instagram and to be able to reach new followers, making it constant and lasting.

How to know who stops following you on Instagram?

To know who unfollowed you on Instagram, third-party applications specially adapted to the platform have been developed since Instagram does not allow to know the information about unfollows.

By using external applications, you can detect these users. For the most part, to know who stops following you on Instagram, these apps group the followers according to the interaction they have with you. In some cases, some of your subscribers will be in the category of ‘unfollow users’ because of their lack of interaction with your account.

What applications can show me who stopped following me on Instagram if I use an Android device?

The first application that we recommend to users with an Android device is Unfollowers for Instagram, which is completely free and works very well.

With the use of this application, you will know who has stopped following you on Instagram, in addition to knowing who does not follow you from among people you follow.

 One of the advantages of this application is that it shows you who your ghost followers are. That is, users that follow you, but do not have any interaction with your profile.

Similarly, the application allows you to view the most recent comments with just one click. In the Google Play Store, you will find another similar application with a clean interface (although with some ads) called the Followers Assistant.

You can add users to a white list to avoid losing them and they clearly show you who follows you on Instagram and who has unfollowed.

If you still want a third option that tells you who gave you unfollow, then Follower Insight is another App that you may like since, in addition to analyzing your followers based on algorithms, it can tell you if you have ghost followers and if you have ‘unfollowers’ on your list in a row

If I have an iOS operating system, what application shows me who don’t follow me on Instagram?

The first application that we recommend and that we believe you will like is the one of Instafollow in its latest version, because it shows who stops following it on Instagram and notifies at the moment when that happens.

With Instafollow you will also know firsthand how many new followers you have, how many have unfollowed on Instagram, which ones you don’t follow and what profiles you follow, but don’t follow you back. It’s a very complete App.

If you want to have another alternative in iOS, you can look at Followers Ins +, one of the most powerful unfollow app to manage your Instagram. It has some very interesting options, such as knowing at a glance the usual options such as follow for unfollow and who blocked you or who removed you from their list.

This application to see who stops following you on Instagram is free, but to access some features you will have to pay. However, with some of the free features, it may be enough to analyze your account like a pro.