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The best technique used in marketing to connect in a more natural and less aggressive way with an audience to become potential customers is Storytelling, which is being used more and more in the world of digital marketing.

What is storytelling? We can define it as the art of telling stories that connect emotionally with the listener. In Marketing, the ideal objective would be to make the listener identify with our history so that it integrates and relates to our brand.


For storytelling to fulfill its function, it must have several characteristics in order to get the viewer to identify with the story. The features of Storytelling are as follows:

  1. When seeking to reach the feelings and emotions of potential clients, they must contain elements that evoke the emotions we want to convey.
  2. The content of the story must be important, transparent, honest and authentic, as well as attractive.
  3. The content should be simple, attract attention and not have excess information. All for the listener to remember our story better.
  4. The content has to meet the objectives set in the communication strategy and be consistent, in addition, it must maintain a certain level of intrigue until the end so that the recipient has more incentives to listen or read the story until the end.
  5. The use of Storytelling aims to involve the client in the story and adapt it to its profile.
  6. It is crucial that the story has a protagonist and also that the listener can identify with him and, in this way, also identify with us the brand.


To make the content of our story stay in people’s memory we can apply different types of Storytelling:

Fiction or real story to convey a reflection or lesson. There may be situations that at first seem unattainable, but that in the end are overcome.

Storytelling marketing to reach the customer with their own emotional experience. With this type of story, we seek to gain the trust of the client with our own experiences.

Overcoming obstacles. In order to tell this story, common problems are used that can happen to us all, but which in the end are successfully resolved.

Brand Territory – are situations that are associated with brands and that allow them to be remembered.

Identification story – a story should be sought where the viewer’s concerns are involved. With this type of Storytelling, it is sought to capture attention since the story begins.

To tell stories it is advisable to use universal themes such as love, friendship, and many others, which help create empathy and sensitize people.


There are many online tools that allow you to create content to make Storytelling easily. Among the tools that can be used to make storytelling are the following:


Thinglink is a tool with which you can create interactive photos in an easy and fast way. With it, you can convert the images into interactive content, which gives a visual touch that meets the information.


Zeros is a very simple tool, which allows the creation of interactive and visually attractive designs. With it, you can create content for magazines, e-books, websites, and good storytelling.


Uberflip is an excellent tool, with which you can automate content marketing. It allows the creation of content through editing, management, and optimization of activities. It can be used in social networks, videos or blogs.

This tool differs from others because of its capacity for automation.


To make Storytelling you must create some main characters with characteristics that help you quickly identify with those so that as a reader or listener you want good things to happen to them and that they achieve their goals.

You must be clear about what you want your brand to convey, what you want people to think when they see or remember it. The story that you are going to create must-have that as a number 1 objective since people remember much better moments full of emotions than simple facts.

Should the target audience be defined – to whom the story is directed? The best thing is this is adapted to the profile of each audience if we have several.

The story to be told must begin and end with details that produce curiosity so that people want to know how the outcome will be. Storytelling stories always attract attention because they make the customer identify with her.

It is also recommended to try with open endings in order to invite the client to interact with the brand. Anyway, be careful with this technique because when misused, it can leave a bad taste, which does not interest us at all.

It is always good that the story is told with some humor, which will make the client see us positively.