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Mailchimp is born from the needs of the customers of a small American development company called Rocket Science Group, where its founder and CEO, Ben Chestnut, decided to create a solution to offer all its customers a quality email service.

Having experienced a very strong growth, this company now focuses on the development of Mailchimp, which now has 240,000 customers and sends more than 20 million emails every day, making the company very profitable, able to be fully self-financed and have approximately thirty employees.

What are the features of Mailchimp?

It is not necessary to have any notion of HTML, create your campaign directly online, either with templates offered by Mailchimp or through its online editor. Of course, you can also edit very sophisticated campaigns conducted by your development team or your web agency.

Once the template for Mailchimp is downloaded, it can be edited. This way you can integrate your content, always through the online editor or by automating the integration through an RSS feed, for example.

Now it’s very easy to automate newsletter by integrating content already published on your websites, blog or social networks such as Twitter, Flickr and others. Of course, you can customize your Mailchimp in each of your emails using the information in your database.

To address display problems that may change in different software programs where your customers or users will see your Chimp campaign or newsletter, Mailchimp offers an option called inbox inspection that allows you to test your campaign for 25 different software programs.

These are somewhat old solutions as in the case of Microsoft Outlook 2007 or in beta, such as Yahoo! Mail Beta Mailchimp also offers more than 100 templates, stores all your campaigns, images and gives you direct access to external resources in the editor to illustrate your emails such as iStockphoto, an image database.

Can I manage my subscribers list with Mailchimp?

Of course. Once you create a Mailchimp account, you can manage your subscribers list through a CSV file, and also through Salesforce, Highrise, Googledocs, Zendesk, Zoho or through a simple copy and paste. Mailchimp offers an API that allows you to interact any database with your service in a very simple way.

To manage the subscription or unsubscribing of your Mailchimp newsletter list, you can directly create your own forms using the Mailchimp editor and integrate additional information fields for the classification of your contacts.

How can I send my campaigns in the Mailchimp Newsletter and manage them?

One of the key points of the email is to send your campaigns. Sending several hundred or miles of emails can make you quickly enter the category of spammers, but not if done with Mailchimp. That is why today it’s a recognized player by the largest email providers and is part of their white list.

Mailchimp has also connected with the main ISPs to be informed of the subscribers of their lists that declare their campaigns as spam or email addresses that no longer exist. When this type of alert appears, Mailchimp removes those subscribers from their list and the files them in a specific list.

To improve the routing of your campaigns, Mailchimp sets a verification score for each of your lists based on the quality of the contacts in your file and the interactions they may have, such as spam or bounce.

According to this score, your campaigns will be sent through servers with the corresponding reputation levels. Therefore, your campaigns are not sent in Mailchimp through servers used by lower quality lists. Finally, Mailchimp integrates different types of authentication, such as DKIM, SenderID, SPF and Domainkeys to certify your mail.

Does Mailchimp measure the performance of your email campaigns?

Indeed, Mailchimp guarantees the monitoring of your campaigns, generates an indicator with the number of shipments, opening rates, inactive addresses, click-through rate. This way we can track the results of our campaigns by the hour and compare them with their previous performance.

All these data are presented as tabs, histograms and pie charts ready for your report that can also be exported as Excel files.

Mailchimp allows you to track the individual performance of your campaigns, but also test and compare two different versions of your campaigns. It also allows you to interact and integrate Google Analytics directly into Mailchimp for a more detailed study.

Is Mailchimp a competitive commercial offer?

The commercial offer of Mailchimp is very flexible, in the form of subscription or a la carte. You can try your service for free on samples of up to 500 contacts. Similarly, automated campaigns allow you to create emails or automatic email sequences.

The operation is different from regular campaigns because automated campaigns are not single-use campaigns. When you create a campaign with Birthday Mailchimp, for example, to send a birthday email to your contacts, the duration of the campaign is a priori undetermined.

You can use automated Mailchimp campaigns to send your birthday emails, but also your confirmation emails or automatically share your new blog posts.

You can even, for example, configure the automatic sending of an email with a coupon code to customers who have purchased such a product or an amount greater than the regular amount. The uses of automation are many, even infinite.

The Mailchimp automation tool also supports transactional emails and recovery emails from abandoned online carts. In summary, Mailchimp’s automation tool is top notch.