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Facebook Ads, as its name indicates, are ads shown on Facebooks ecosystem. Facebook allows you to create ads to appear on Facebook, Instagram and even in other companies’ applications such as Tinder thanks to ‘Audience Network’.

It is an advertising channel that is currently red hot due to the enormous flexibility and precision with which it allows to choose audiences to which to direct the advertising.

How do Facebook Ads work and what are some of its advantages?

How do Facebook Ads work?

While Facebook ads are used by large corporations, it is small and medium-sized businesses that are getting on board more actively. Traditional advertising channels were an entry barrier for many, a barrier that in Facebook Ads is very easy to overcome. Facebook is knowing how to take advantage of its social network status with more users in the world and is giving life to many businesses that would not exist if not for the possibilities offered by the platform. The only one, but of all this is the discontent of some users who were used to using the social network without advertising in between.

How can Facebook Ads work for a brand? Just like any other ad, but with a cheaper and better placement. A series of steps must be followed, and everything starts with a measurable and attainable objective.

It is very important to have the right expectations. Yes, Facebook Ads is now, probably, the best platform in the world to advertise, but it does not work miracles. Like everything, it requires a serious and realistic approach and implementation.

Design your advertising campaign in FB Ads

If your company or brand already has a Facebook page with followers, great – that will help us later when it comes to generating more traction with our advertising campaigns. The first thing to do is create a Business Manager account with which you can then associate your business Facebook page. Once inside, you must create an Ad Account – advertising account – from which we will manage each of the brands or businesses that we have separately. That is, one advertising account per brand or business to not mix and complicate things unnecessarily.

Once this is done, it is time to start thinking about the audience we want to reach, if we are going to use photos or videos as our ads, if we are going to use texts or not and where we want our ads to be visible since both on Facebook and Instagram there are several options. Having a plan drawn up beforehand will save you a lot of time when creating your ads. Planning with time and calm, in addition, will positively affect the quality of your campaigns since rush and improvisation is something that can only be allowed experts with many years of experience and not people who are starting. Have you ever heard the ‘improvisation’ of a person who plays the piano for the first time in his life or is learning? Well, sure you can imagine how that sounds. Of course, having a good teacher to teach and accompany us during our learning phase, as in the case of novel pianists, is ideal.

Objective and name of the campaign

We must choose one of the objectives that our campaign will have within the 3 large groups: recognition, consideration, and conversion. When we have decided our objectives, we must name our campaign. It is highly recommended that we don’t put names randomly. It should be related to the type of campaign we have chosen. In this way, in day-to-day management, with just a glance, we will know what campaign it is.


One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Ads is that it lets you segment and find your target audience. The target audience are the people you think are most likely to become your customers, something you can achieve if you focus your campaign effectively.

Segmentation allows you to separate general audience with a lot of precision according to demographic data, tastes, interests, gender, ages, socioeconomic status, etc. You can and should use this tool if you want to launch a campaign for your specific audience/niche.

If, for example, you want to launch ads about products aimed at girls between 20 and 30 years old, Facebook will let you know how many people within a specific area or among your followers meet that profile.

Ad Placement

You will have to decide where you want the ads you will create to appear. The efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising campaign in general will depend pretty much on your placement optimization. If your target audience is older people and your ad is only published on Instagram, then there will not be many who will see it since older people spend more time on Facebook.


Another advantage of using Facebook Ads to promote your brand is that the budget you must allocate to your campaign doesn’t have to be big. One way to prognosticate the budget you can invest in advertising is to determine the number of ad sets per day that you are going to create and for how many days will they be working.

You can allocate a daily budget or a lifetime budget that will cause the campaign to stop once it has been used up. You can let the ad be published indefinitely or from one date to another date.

Ads Name

The ads will be within ad sets, and ad sets will be within campaigns. When you have many ads (tens, hundreds, thousands), it is very important that you follow a simple, clear and constant naming system for ads, ad sets, and campaigns. Otherwise, the organization can become very chaotic since you will not know what’s where and when looking for something you will have to go checking one by one. If you have everything properly named, you can filter by keywords that you know will be included in the names. This is something that will save you a lot of time and stress.


Preview the ad

This is important if you want to see the ad first before launching it to the market. Also, it is in this step that you can choose a new post or one that already exists and saved to use it at another time.

Launch ad

Once the campaign and ads are ready, it will be time to publicize our brand. Thanks to Facebook Ads, we will have many configuration options that we can choose according to our needs.


6 advantages of using Facebook Ads

  1. Everyone uses Facebook

Do you know someone who doesn’t have an account created on Facebook? Most likely, you’ll have to search for a while, and it won’t be not easy for you to find someone unless you’re asking older people. Virtually all people in the civilized world have a Facebook account. Not taking advantage of a medium like that, for most businesses, is not a good idea.

  1. Publications can be made viral

It is not easy since, otherwise, everyone would be doing it, but Facebook is an ideal means for this to happen. When we publish a funny, interesting or shocking ad, our audience can share it with their contacts, and they can do the same and so on.

  1. Easier to target your audience

Another great advantage of Facebook Ads is that thanks to its segmentation system you can know what your customers and potential customers want to see or buy. Every time we have an ad running, it is collecting information of all kinds. Analyzing this information is vital as it can allow us to know what is working well and what is not, which group of people is liking our ads and which doesn’t.

  1. You can invest very little money

No high budgets are needed to get our ad campaigns live. You can run a campaign for as little as 5 euros/day. Of course, we must be realistic with the results that such a small investment may bring us – we will not become millionaires for sure – but it is possible that with a competitive product and a good advertising campaign we will generate more money than we have invested.

  1. You choose, you decide

Being this your business and your brand, you choose absolutely each and every one of the elements of your advertising campaign: each publication, each photo, video or description that is going to be launched.

  1. Interact with your audience

The best thing about social networks is how they keep people communicated from anywhere in the world. Regardless of the financial result, each advertisement published can generate engagement likes, opinions, and comments among your clients.

That gives you the possibility to be closer to your audience, and not just another brand on the internet. That will be appreciated and valued by most people. In a time when companies try to automate everything with robots, human customer service is increasingly important.