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The Facebook power editor is an essential tool when carrying out a large advertising campaign on the Facebook social network. It is an evolution of the Facebook Business Manager or Ads Manager.

With more advanced features than any other service, it allows advertisers to create complex ads and perform multiple actions simultaneously, saving them time and money. So, why not use it and discover what you can do with the Facebook Power Editor?

Where is the Facebook Power Editor located?

To use a tool like Ads Manager, of course, we must know where it is. If you have not yet found this tool one in your Facebook account, know that it is not hidden.

To access the Facebook Power Editor, you must first go to the Facebook Advertising Manager. Once there, in the left column, click on Power Editor. Finally, click on Import to Power Editor to start using it.

What are the available functions offered by the Facebook power editor?

If you are an advertiser and you come from the old version, you will feel pure joy with this advanced version of the Facebook Ads Manager, since several very useful functions have been integrated.

The new version of the Facebook Ads Manager allows you to perform simple and quick actions that either you could not do before or presented too many difficulties.

How can I import and edit campaigns with the Power Editor?

With the Facebook power editor, you can import mass advertising campaigns. To import a campaign, simply click on the Import button in the menu. It is also possible to import campaigns in Excel format.

This will allow you to make changes very easily since you can select several ads at once to edit them all at the same time by applying common actions. You can add as many ads as you want, edit the old ones and correct some errors.

Once the changes have been made, you can click on ‘Export Changes’ to appear in the feed of your target audience and your followers.

Can you change the budget for one or more advertising campaigns with the Ads Manager?

Of course, this and much more is possible with the Facebook Power Editor. It is even possible to apply the cost and other parameters of one of our campaigns to new campaigns that we are creating.

Can you set schedules for advertising Ads?

This more than convenient feature is also possible with Power Editor as it allows you to adjust your ad so that it is only visible in the days and specific hours programmed by you.

To apply this functionality, go to the ‘Advertising set’ section and choose a global budget called ‘shelf life’. Then click on ‘Show ads’ according to a schedule and finish selecting the connection times you have in mind.

Does this Facebook Ads Manager allow me to include or exclude a specific audience?

With the Facebook Power Editor, you can setup so your ads will only be seen by the audience you decide to target. For example, you can adjust your post so that those who have already purchased your product or service will no longer see your ads.

This feature is very useful when, for example, you offer a free download of a PDF with relevant information for your audience. You can also save these audiences and settings, so you don’t have to create them from scratch every time you want to start a new campaign.

The Power editor of Facebook allows you to create as many audiences as you want, as well as modify them whenever you want.

Can multiple conversion pixels be set for the same ad?

For efficient tracking and analysis of your Facebook conversions, in case you sell multiple products or services on a single page, you have the option of setting up multiple conversion pixels with the Facebook Power Editor.

This allows you to link your pixels to the corresponding products for a more accurate analysis of the performance of your ads.

Can you create tags with the Facebook Ads Manager?

If you are a great advertiser and have many campaigns in progress, this function is for you. It is an invaluable time saver that avoids you getting lost in all your ads and having trouble identifying one. Facebook allows you to add tags or keywords to each of your campaigns.

You can also filter the display of Facebook Ads Manager according to your tags. Keywords can be added by customer or product.

For optimal use of the Facebook Power Editor, you should use it in Google Chrome. Although it is possible to use it in other browsers, Google Chrome is better adapted to work with Facebook.

Why is Facebook an important network for advertising ads?

Facebook is no longer a simple online form where the user can send and share photos, videos, reactions and interact with friends. To cope with the competition, they have added brand new features and continue to do so as often as they can.

Marketing experts recognize that Facebook is today the largest professional network in the world and that many things revolve around this social world. It is so large and convenient to do B2B business that even LinkedIn cannot compete with it.

The Facebook Ads Manager offers practically everything a professional user may need, although it is true that the Facebook mobile application for professionals is far from being at the same level of quality.