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A successful consultant is a professional who provides advice on a certain area in which he has knowledge and experience performing his duties. You can provide your services independently or work in a consulting company.

A web Consultant is a qualified professional with a specialization in digital marketing. It is trained to target consumers appropriately and to help achieve the objectives of a company with the use of digital strategies.


He is a professional who has the necessary knowledge to help lead companies to achieve their objectives with the implementation of marketing strategies.

To be a good consultant you must know how to choose the best tools to carry out the established strategy, be practical, a leader, execute the most convenient actions, teach your work team and accompany at all times to achieve the objectives.


The functions of a consultant will depend on the type of company for which you work, your needs according to the activities you perform. We present some of the general functions performed by a marketing consultant:

– The first thing a consultant should do is an evaluation of the marketing channels that the company has: social networks, website, SEO, Email marketing and SEM, and based on this analysis, design and create digital marketing strategies with the purpose of improving the positioning of the company.

– It must improve the brand and services offered by the company, in order to make it known and attract new customers and improve its market positioning.

– Carry out campaigns to improve communication with the client. Social networks and other media can be used in order to reach a greater number of target audiences and thus attract new customers.

– Manage content platforms such as web pages and blogs using SEO in order to ensure that the content is compatible with the positioning strategies and the different search engines.

– You should know how to use web analytics with the purpose of guaranteeing the achievement of the objectives and controlling the performance. Among the tools, you should know are Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Hotjar and Tag Manager.


To be a successful consultant the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  1. Ability to organize and direct the work teams.
  2. Know the latest business tools that are being implemented in the market and the types of consulting.
  3. Know the different business strategies that exist.
  4. Be analytical and flexible.
  5. Have a leadership capacity.
  6. Be responsible and commit to the objectives of the company.
  7. Have the ability to provide training individually and to work for teams, so you must know how to communicate and address teams.


The types of consultants are classified according to the area in which they are specialized. They can be classified into these two groups:

Consulting types by professions: graphic designer, programmer, copywriter, coach, funnel and automation specialist, media buyer, lead generator, affiliate manager, evergreen manager, launch manager, content creator, evergreen manager, video editor.

Types of consultants by department: marketing, business development, finance, human resources, purchasing, sales, and others.


Being a marketing consultant is basically working to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Attract new customers.
  2. Increase the return on investment or ROI.
  3. Increase billing.


The services offered by a successful marketing consultant are the following:

  1. Help attract the target audience.
  2. Help strengthen the personal brand or branding and company brand.
  3. Take care of online reputation.
  4. Economize resources.
  5. Set the objectives of the strategies.
  6. Establish the best measures for the brand to take possession of the Internet.
  7. Generate content to get new customers.
  8. Measure and analyze the results.
  9. Position the brand.
  10. Make the design of the digital strategy that will be implemented in social networks so that they adapt to the objectives of the company.
  11. Design manuals, strategic plans, processes and work resources to offer customers.
  12. Analyze the situation of the company on the Internet, in order to define and establish the objectives for digital marketing.
  13. Define the objectives in a personalized way.

How to attract clients for consulting? This is usually one of the most common questions among consultants, and the answer is not easy but simple: offer a better service than the competition, make you notice for the quality of your work and have a presence in social networks.