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Instagram has established itself over time as one of the largest social networks in the world. With more than one billion active users every month and 4.2 billion “likes” every day, the gold mine acquired by Mark Zuckerberg has everything to seduce.

However, some users are not happy to the point of wanting to delete their Instagram account. They do so to not having to endure anymore the photos, videos and stories published by the people they follow and / or because they are no longer interested in sharing their private lives with others.

The social network to share media content is the ideal place to connect people. This is something that most of its users have understood, revealing only the good sides of their lives, in order to make all their subscribers believe they have a perfect life.

But, why delete the Instagram account?

As is well known by everyone, Instagram (acquired by Facebook a few years ago), is a social network where people share their daily lives. This application to share and retouch images quickly took off attracting people of all generations, but some decide to remove the Instagram account from their lives.

Popular themes include gastronomy, travel, celebrities and fashion. A bit like Facebook, users accuse Instagram of promoting voyeurism by ‘spying on’ all acts of the people we decided to follow.

Some users adopted Instagram as part of their jobs: artists, celebrities or influencers share photos and videos on themes such as lifestyle, music, books, fitness and video games. The disadvantage is that Instagram has been losing authenticity over time, causing many to delete their account.

For the average user, the social network has become an instrument of self-induced depression more than anything else. On Instagram, we are not in the reality, we are in a theater where everyone puts on a mask and creates a character.

This lack of authenticity is what some users do not want anymore. They gradually leave the service until they make the radical decision of closing their Instagram account permanently.

Keep in mind that some delete their Instagram account to create another one. In any case, the question is, how to delete your Instagram account?

How to cancel your Instagram account or how to deactivate your account?

There are two ways to disable the Instagram account. The first option is to temporarily disable your Instagram account, which will make it invisible to everyone. The second possibility, much more radical, is to delete your Instagram account to leave the social network and leave no trace. The company then agrees to permanently delete all activity and photos, something that you won’t be able to recover.

In both cases, it should be known that the only way to suspend your activity is through the web interface of the social network. You will not find the option to delete your Instagram account from your mobile. Obviously, Instagram does not facilitate this possibility because they don’t want you to leave.

Here is the procedure to disable your Instagram account:

You must first open a web browser and go to the Instagram web version, then enter your Instagram username and password to log in to the service. Click on the profile icon located in the top menu, select the edit profile section to the right of your username.

Then click on ‘Temporarily deactivate my account’, explain the reason for your choice in the drop-down menu and enter your password again to validate your choice.

Once you have completed this process, your Instagram account will be temporarily deactivated, and followers will not be able to access it. However, you can still log in to Instagram and recover all the photos, because this is a temporary decision so your user remains.

How can I delete my Instagram account permanently?

If you have reached the point that you no longer tolerate social media posts, this is the procedure to permanently delete your Instagram account.

You can always choose to save copies of photos and videos on your Smartphone, directly from the mobile application, to at least save some memories. This choice is final, it will remove all your photos, stories and nicknames from the platform.

We will show you how to permanently delete the Instagram account: basically, you must open the account removal page on Instagram. Enter your Instagram username and password to log in to the service. As in the previous option, select the reason you want to delete your Instagram account and validate the operation by entering your password.

Click on the red button and below you will find the interface that will show you how to permanently delete your Instagram account. The design reminds us of the previous versions of the social network and cannot be confused with the new one. Again, this action is really definitive, so think about the repercussions this may have in the future.

We can only encourage you to make relevant backup copies of your photos and publications. For the rest, you can always create a new account to find your friends and photos of your interests.

Are there any disadvantages of permanently deleting your Instagram account?

It is a fact that we do not really count the time we spend on social networks. Between likes, publications, shared images and video viewing, we spend an average of more than two hours online.

But is it really necessary to delete the Instagram account? The dependence on social networks remains difficult to categorize.

For us to think about it, we need to ask ourselves some questions. Do you need to check your Instagram account even while on vacation or in the presence of your friends or family? Do you give disproportionate importance to what is said or read on Instagram? If yes, maybe it’s time to disable the Instagram account.

You may also want to delete your Instagram account to find a real social life. Online media facilitates exchanges between individuals, although paradoxically, spending a lot of time on social networks reinforces loneliness.

Your Instagram account can show several hundred followers. But how many are real friends? Who could you trust a secret without fear of disclosure?