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Learn all the secrets and "hacks" used by the best Marketers in Europe in Ads Accelerator

Instagram Ads Course

Ready to make the leap and achieve the most profitable ads on Facebook and Instagram? Discover everything you will learn with us!

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We want you to learn from the best experts in Facebook Ads to maximize your ROAS

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Do you want to be an expert in growth hacking? Manage to shoot your traffic thanks to FB / IG Ads

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Scale your business up to the clouds. and beyond! We are looking forward to teaching you how to do it.

Facebook Ads Course

The Facebook Ads course designed by Patrick Wind (Forbes 30under30) is considered the best in Europe.

Overcome your competition

Do you want to know why some succeed and others don't?

Master analytics

The data is our maxim. You will learn to analyze in detail all the campaigns and metrics.

Instagram Ads Online Course

Instagram is the social platform with the most reach of the moment. Become an Instagram Ads Expert

Setup Facebook Ads

With the Facebook Ads online course you will learn how to setup SUPER FB Ads campaigns 👨🏻‍💻

Setup Instagram Ads

Do you know how to set up advertising on Instagram Stories? You will learn this and much more.

Know biggest FB Ads secrets

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Learn to design ads that sell. We will teach you to succeed with the creatives you prepare.

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We want you to become an Expert in Digital Marketing. Do not miss our Blog … we tell you many secrets 😏

The best FB Ads course

With the course of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, you learn from the most important concepts of online advertising to the creation of a good campaign on Facebook and Instagram to promote a business and achieve its objectives.

The Ads Accelerator course is divided into several lessons in order to facilitate the training process. Each lesson has different contents where the different techniques will be learned.

What is Facebook ads and Instagram ads course?

In Ads Accelerator we know that with the course of Facebook ads and Instagram ads you learn the best techniques that should be applied for online advertising especially in these social networks, through explanatory videos and in the form of a tutorial.

The facebook ads Ads Accelerator course covers all levels: from the basic where you learn the main techniques and how to use them, to the most advanced levels that are intended to make people who do so expert.

This course will always be available when you want to do it. It lasts approximately 20 hours and is available in Spanish and English.

Patrick Wind Ads Accelerator Course

The content of the Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads course has been designed to increase digital conversations and consists of the following:




Strategic videos

Downloadable resources

Know how to create good Facebook and Instagram ads

Secret technique Full funnel strategy


Who is the Patrick Wind Ads Accelerator course aimed at?

The Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads course have been designed for people who want to learn how to advertise online, but it is especially aimed at the following people:


Social Media Managers and Community Managers


For entrepreneurs who want to know how to capture the best leads for their projects.


Marketing Agencies


To freelancers and Bloggers